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Wroclaw is a city in southwestern Poland. It lies in the middle of the Silesian Lowlands, where the Odra River branches out to form 12 islands of varying size.
Of all Polish cities, Wroclaw possesses perhaps the most turbulent history. It was passed repeatedly between four countries (and the numerous kingdoms that preceded them) and now it is marked by varied cultural influences of Bohemia, Prussia, Austria, Germany and, of course, Poland.
It has a huge Old Town built on several islands connected by more than 120 bridges and footbridges traversing the Odra, its tributaries and numerous canals. The city itself is made up of 12 islands.
It has countless excellently preserved historic buildings. The entire city is laid out around the Market Square with the Town Hall. The most interesting historical buildings, artwork and museums can be found in the Old Town area. Other famous parts of the city are Ostrow Tumski, an islet with a number of Gothic churches and the Piasek island, a medieval residential quarter.
One of Wroclaw’s most popular, memorable and iconic attractions are dwarfs (krasnale). They are the symbol of the Orange Alternative, an artistic movement which opposed communism in the 1980s. Another highlight is 114 m long, 15m high cycloramic painting depicting the Battle of Raclawice in 1794.
Wroclaw is a city breathing culture. Many of its charms are worth being discovered.