World Theatre Day 2013

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World Theatre Day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute and is celebrated annually on 27th March. In Poland, the theatre festival is celebrated from March 17 and will be celebrated until March 29, as part of the”Dotknij Teatru”(‘Touch Theatre’) project.

The project brings together institutional theatres and independent theatres, museums, cultural centres, foundations, associations and independent artists. ‘Touch Theatre’consists of various activities prepared especially for the occasion: plays, meetings, workshops, readings, open rehearsals, exhibitions, visiting backstage and projections, thanks to which the audience has a unique opportunity to see how theater works. Artists and culture animators get a chance to share their experiences, present their projects and familiarize themselves with the audience’s needs and sensitivity.

Until last year, the project was developed mainly in Lodz, but this year organisers decided to expand its scope. During this year edition, we will be ‘touching theatre’ in almost every city in Poland. In Krakow, among the theatres that joined the celebrations there is: Old Theatre, Slowacki Theatre, Ludowy Theatre, Bagatela Theatre and few others.