The city full of music

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Everyone who has visited Krakow at least once can admitt that Krakow can be considered as the city full of music. Visitors of the Old Town can come across numerous street musicians presenting their skills at almost every corner. These interesing and brave performers try to gain passer-bys’ attention and, of course,  get some spare change. As a matter of fact, they are not treated as a nuisance – just the opposite. Thanks to them the city is more colorful, intersting and resounds with music of every kind. But this is not everything what Krakow can offer for music lovers. For more demanding audience a wide range of recitals as well as classical music concerts is available. Krakow is famous for a great number of festivals, ecpecially those devoted to classical music. The most famous ones are Misteria Paschalia in the Holy Week and Sacrum-Profanum in September. A very special attention should be given to the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival. Traditionally, the festival is accompanied by the exhibition of musical manuscripts which are on show at the  Jagiellonian Library in Krakow. Every year the theme of the exhibition is a bit different to make it more attractive and to give people an opportunity to see manuscripts which are normally unavailable and stored in the library archives. Usually, the official opening includes a concert. This year the audience could take part in and admire a Beethoven and Brahms recital by the young Cracow pianist Piotr Rozanski. Apart from the exhibition of musical manuscripts, the programme consists of numerous concerts some of which can be seen at the Krakow Philharmonic Hall at 1 Zwierzyniecka Street. The Philharmonic Hall is a place which usually hosts foreign orchestras it also ensembles soloists  as well as the city’s other musicians. If you are still not sure whether Krakow deserves the title of the city full of music, just visit Krakow and see for yourself.