Polish beer

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Poland is Europe’s third largest beer producer. There are 70 breweries, most of which are called after the city in which they are founded.
The tradition of beer brewing dates back to the Middle Ages. Beer was the most popular alcoholic beverage among the Slavs. In the Middle Ages, beer with a low alcohol content was the everyday drink in Europe. For a long time, beer was considered healthier than water, which was was true- boiling was killing many germs. However, large-scale brewing began in the 19th century after the introduction of numerous technical innovations and bottom-fermenting.
While it is believed that the main drink of Poland is vodka, consumer surveys report that beer is the more popular drink. In pubs beer (called piwo) is often served with raspberry or ginger juice (piwo z sokiem) and drunk using a straw. During winter the most popular is hot beer with honey, cloves and cinnamon (piwo grzane).
Today the leader in the Polish beer market is Tyskie, which has been produced since 400 years. In Tychy you can visit The Tyskie Brewing Museum, where you can learn about the history of brewery and methods of beer production.
After a long day of seeing the sights in Krakow, there’s nothing better than having a beer in one of the pubs.