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Niepolomice is a town situated on the Vistula river, 25 km away from Krakow. The name derives from the Old Polish word ‘niepolomny’ which meant ‘impossible to destroy’.
The most important tourist attraction is the 14th century gothic Royal Castle built by Casimir III. It used to be a favourite summer residence of several Polish kings and Niepolomice Forest was a royal hunting ground. The town was often called ‘the other capital of Poland’ and the castle ‘the second Wawel’.
The settlement began to flourish under the reign of Wladyslaw Jagiello who liked visiting Niepolomice. The royal visits attracted many guests who had to be provided with accommodation and meals.
As an important location east of Krakow, the town became in the mid-19th century a part of Galicia’s railway system connecting Krakow with Debica and Lviv.
Apart from the castle, another place worth visiting is the Benedictine Convent in Staniatki founded in the 13th century.
When in Niepolomice, be sure to take a trip to Niepolomice Forest, Poland’s seven largest forest complex. The forest, covering an area of 12,000 hectares, consists of six nature reserves. There are several walking and cycling trails. In the forest there is the most protected area inhabited by the Polish wisent (zubr), the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe.
Niepolomice is a great destination for a one-day trip from Krakow.