New Airport in Poland – Modlin

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Modlin developed from a settlement located in place where the Narew river joins the Vistula river. In 1961 Modlin became a district of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.

Modlin is famous of Modlin Stronghold – a fortresses one of the largest in Europe and best preserved in Central Poland – established by Napoleon’s order in 1806.

Modlin Stronghold is a complex of fortifications unique in the world. It comprises parts of two hundred years old French fortifications, more modern fortress built by tsarist Russia, and concrete forts and shelters built in 1939.

Mazowiecki Airport Warszawa-Modlin is to be the second the airport that after Chopin Airport in Warsaw and Mazovia. It has, in its assumption of carriers mainly operate low cost, charter and general aviation.

The airport is situated in the district Nowodworski, occupies an area of 292.83 hectares. Modlin Airport is about 42 km from Warsaw and 313 km from Gdansk and 333 km to Krakow so it is pretty far to get to Krakow from Modlin. But you can go to Warsaw which is also beautiful and take some tour to Krakow. To get to Warsaw you can use local Modlin Airport Transfer.