Lajkonik Parade in 2012 in Krakow

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Lajkonik Parade is organized every year on the first Thursday after the Corpus Christi feast. This annual processions of actors in folk costumes and Lajkonik – their leader, follows the Kosciuszki Street, Zwierzyniecka Street, Franciszkanska Streer and Grodzka Streer, ending at the Main Market Square. Lajkonik, a man in a Tarter disguise (wizard’s hat and oriental clothes – are his most characteristics features) looks very exostic. Once a year he rides his wooden horse onto the Main Market Square to meet the Major. On his way Lajkonik enters bars, restaurants and shops trying to extort some money. Also passers-by may be asked to give him a kind of ‘ransom’. When Lajkonik gets what he wants, that is money – he raps people with his mace, which according to tradition is something that is supposed to bring luck. Lajkonik also likes to drink a bit of liquor with his joyful musical group “Mlaskoty”, so do not be surprised if he is a bit boiled. As Lajkonik and the Major finally meet, the former raises a toast and the sentence: ”Krakow has been saved once more” is pronounced. This event lasts about six hours, however, it is very amusing and attractive for those who watch it. Additionally, if you want to see the most beautiful Lajkonik’s dance it is presented in front of Philharmonic – definitely worth seeing. The whole event usually ends with a dinner at Hawelka restaurant. If you are interested in the story related to Lajkonik and you would like to see clothes that he and his escort wear you can visit the Museum of History of the City of Krakow. The whole collection is gathered there and is available for visitors. The next Lajkonik Parade is going to take place on 14th June 2012. It is going to be wild! Enjoy!