Krakow outskirts

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When you are in Krakow, the capital of Lesser Poland Region, it is worth visiting other attractions of this southern region of Poland as well.
Lanckorona is a small village 38km south of Kraków, in the Carpathian highlands. It is a unique place famous for its old wooden architecture.Lanckorona is worth visiting for its steep market square surrounded by wooden arcaded houses of the 19th century and ruins of an old castle erected by Casimir the Great. In 1999 UNESCO added Lanckorona Hill with its medieval castle ruins on to its World Heritage Sites list.
The Nadwislanski Ethnographic Park in Wygiełzow is a regional open-air ethnographical museum which presents the culture typical of villages and small towns inhabited by Western Cracowians, who differed from other ethnographical groups in the architecture and folk costumes.
The museum features 21 wooden edifices, characteristic for the cultural tradition of this region. The open-air museum together with the nearby castle in Lipowiec constitute a department of the Museum in Chrzanów. The Lipowiec Castle is situated in Babice, west of the Kraków Upland. The first fortifications had been raised here in the 13th century, long before the construction of the castle. The castle was the residence of Krakow bishops until 1443. Today the ruins of the castle function as a museum.
In Stryszow you can visit a manor from the end of the 16th century, a very rare monument of manorial architecture to survive in this region. It houses a museum today, being a department of the Wawel Royal Castle.
In Tyniec there is a remarkable Benedictine Abbey, located on the steep limestone of Vistula escarpment. The fortified monastery, founded in the 11th century, boasts a rich history.
It is worth visiting Krakow outskirts and see authentic Polish province.