Krakow Easter Fair 2013

Written by  //  26 March 2013  //  News  //  Comments Off

Krakow Easter Fair, which has been taking place for years as a valuable part of Krakow’s Easter tradition, will cover the Main Market Square with distinctive wooden stalls between 22 March and 1 April. The Fair provides an opportunity to buy traditional Easter goods as well as foods from a variety of areas in the Malopolska region.

On the Fair, you can see and buy a large variety of products. There will be a wealth of traditional Easter decorations: Easter postcards, candles, wicker baskets, doilies, lambs, bunnies and traditional Polish hand-painted Easter eggs.
You will also have an opportunity to taste traditional local Easter cakes as well as traditional hand-made sweets: yeast cakes, Mazurka cakes, marzipans and other festive delicacies. Apart from the sweet treads, there will also be traditional seasonal hot food such as fiery horseradish prepared according to ancient recipes.

It is a delight to simply browse the folk art and crafts on display engulfed by the mouth-watering aromas.