Krakow – best place to party

Written by  //  12 June 2012  //  Krakow Tourism  //  Comments Off

Rumor has it that Kraków – an ancient Polish capital – has more bars, pubs and clubs per square metre than any other city in the world. If you do not believe you should come and check. You will see that almost every cellar and courtyard starting with Old Town and ending with Kazimierz district and beyond has been transformed into a bar, pub or club adding to the variety of choice available to party lovers. Krakow has a considerable student population – it is estimated that is amounts to 120.000 students. Moreover, each year it is visited by a lot of young tourists from all over the world, who look for some fun or want to spend there their stag night or hen party. As the choice of interesting places where you can drink, dance the night away, meet interesting people and have fun is mind-boggling, having a good pub crawl definitely will not be diffictult for both students as well as for young holidaymakers. There is a wide array of nightcubs in the city of Krakow, so if you do not enter some club you can be sure that a few meters away there is another one offering similar or even better attractions – you will certainly find a place that will suit your taste. To make it easier for you to find something that will meet your expectations below some interesting places are listed: If you like classy places Stalowe Magnolie, Paparazzi or Baroque are perfect for you. The best places for students are: Ministerstwo, Frantic or Cien – music, cheap alcohol and friends that is all what students need to have fun. For couples looking for some cosy corner to spend a nice evening the following are recommended: Swieta Krowa, Cafe Szafe or Mleczarnia. There are also some alternative clubs like Miejsce, Pauza or Kawiarnia Naukowa. There are plenty of amazing places with various kinds of music, atmosphere and people in Krakow. Do not hesitate – come to Krakow and you will not regret it.