How to get to Krakow from Poznan

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Poznan is a crucial railway junction and all trains going between Moscow and Western Europe stop here.Trains to Krakow (approx. 8 daily) take around 6 hours and cost €15 one-way.
Poznan – Lawica Henryk Wieniawski Airport  has regular services:
- domestic: with Polish Airlines LOT, Eurolot and OLT Express to Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and Gdansk, Szczecin. The airport is situated only 7 km from the city centre and is easily accessible by public bus.
The Poznan coach station is situated near the train station (5-min walk).
Poznan has many bus connections first of all with cities and towns in West Poland , but there are also coaches heading to : Krakow, Lublin, Warsaw etc.
Distance from Poznan to Krakow is364km.