Conrad Literary Festival

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Conrad Festival is one of annual festivals of international importance held in Krakow. Named after the great Polish-born English-language novelist Joseph Conrad (Józef Konrad Korzeniowski), the festival is the first one of this scope in Poland. It is a world scale literary event, whose guests include writers from various countries, writing in different languages and representing diverse cultures and world views.

The most distinguished figures of world literature visit Krakow in autumn for almost a week to take part in meetings and lectures. Invited writers include both winners of prestigious prizes and authors of international best-sellers. The festival consists also of a variety of other events inspired by literature: screenings of films connected with literature, exhibitions and concerts. Every year there is a Book Fair held parallel to the festival.

Since its first edition in 2009, the Festival has become a recognizable brand and a symbol of a great international celebration of literature. It is covered by the most important media in Poland and Europe. As cosmopolitan as it is, however, the festival is also Polish and presents the best of Polish culture. Krakow wants to become the European capital of literature. There is hope that it will soon join the prestigious network of UNESCO Cities of Literature.

The festival makes good use of Krakow’s compact urban topography. The events take place in the Krakow Old Town area.