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11 April 2013, Comments Off

Wroclaw is a city in southwestern Poland. It lies in the middle of the Silesian Lowlands, where the Odra River branches ...

Polish Easter Traditions
29 March 2013, Comments Off

Easter is major holiday in Poland, and Easter celebrations are not limited to Easter Sunday only. For many Poles the fin ...

Tyskie Browary KsiazeceFot Tomasz Jodlowski
Polish beer
13 February 2013, Comments Off

Poland is Europe’s third largest beer producer. There are 70 breweries, most of which are called after the city in ...

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From / to Krakow by…
5 July 2012, Comments Off

Airport in Krakow Krakow’s John Paul II International Airport of Balice is situated conveniently on the outskirts of t ...

How to get to Krakow from Poznan
5 July 2012, Comments Off

POZNAN Train Poznan is a crucial railway junction and all trains going between Moscow and Western Europe stop here.Train ...

How to get to Krakow from Gdansk
5 July 2012, Comments Off

GDANSK Train Gdansk PKP operates long distance trains to other cities in Poland and Europe. Train timetable is available ...

How to get to Krakow from Wroclaw
5 July 2012, Comments Off

WROCLAW Train Wroclaw is a major hub in the Polish rail network, with several trains a day to all large Polish cities, i ...

How to get to Krakow from Warsaw
5 July 2012, Comments Off

WARSAW Train Krakow and Warsaw are linked by shuttle express trains that reach either destination in roughly three hours ...

Polish vodka
5 June 2012, No Comments

The Eastern Europe, including Poland, is well-known for its drinking habits. People are believed to drink a lot of vodka ...

Polish cuisine
5 June 2012, No Comments

Enter a Polish home and you will see how warm and full of hospitality it can be. Of course, if you keep counting calorie ...