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12 February 2013, Comments Off

Wadowice is the birthplace of Pope John Paul II. Born in 1920 as Karol Wojtyla, he lived here until 1938 when he moved t ...

Kazimierz Jewish District
11 February 2013, Comments Off

Kazimierz was in medieval times an independent town adjacent to Krakow. Now it is the most visited district of Krakow, f ...

nowa huta
Nowa Huta communist district in Krakow
8 February 2013, Comments Off

Nowa Huta is a district in north-east of Krakow designed and build by the communists. Its construction started in 1949. ...

Auschwitz- Birkenau
7 February 2013, Comments Off

In 1940, by Heinrich Himmler’s order, Germans established a complex of concentration camps in the suburbs of Oswie ...

Panorama of Krakow
26 July 2012, Comments Off

Panorama of the City of Krakow is wonderful. Charming old houses, the Vistula River crossing the town, Wawel Castle and ...

Zakopane tours
26 July 2012, Comments Off

Zakopane is one of the biggest tourist winter and summer resorts in Poland. It lies between the Tatras on the south and ...

Go karting in Krakow
28 June 2012, Comments Off

You might say that spending summer in the city has to be boring.  You couldn’t be more wrong. A very fascinating ...

Krakow – best place to party
12 June 2012, Comments Off

Rumor has it that Kraków – an ancient Polish capital – has more bars, pubs and clubs per square metre than ...

Bochnia Salt Mine
8 June 2012, Comments Off

The Bochnia Salt Mine is the oldest salt mine in Poland. It was established in 1248 and since then operated for 742 year ...

Riding a bicycle in Krakow
6 June 2012, Comments Off

Krakow is a beautiful city to live in, however, it is not a perfect place for cycling fans. Still those who love cycling ...