Bochnia Salt Mine

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The Bochnia Salt Mine is the oldest salt mine in Poland. It was established in 1248 and since then operated for 742 years until 1990.  Today, after eight centuries of working it is a very popular tourist destination with numerous attraction inviting to visit it. It is a kind of underground town, fascinating all those who visit it. It offers a journey to the very beginnings of mining in this region. The exhibitions of the equipment from the very old to the most modern one, as well as those which present how the mine developed across centuries give an unique opportunity to see very rich history of this place. The machines which were used to exploit, transport and protect it are all well-preserved and ready to be admired. Various recordings, hologram presentations and multimedia shows devoted to Bochnia Salt Mine history will give you a full insight into the difficult reality of mining work. There are also places such as galleries with altars, statues sculpted in the salt as well as beautiful chapels and places of religious worship. The place which deserves special attention is St Kinga’s – the parton of salt miners – Chapel.  Apart from all that, the biggest chamber was transformed into a sanatorium with numerous facilities for health treatment and recreation. Various events like, for instance, discos, concerts, flim screamings are ogranized there. Another interesting attraction is an opportunity to play basketball or eat something in the underground restaurant. The wide array of thing that can be done there is impressive – you can definitely plan a very special weekend there. Additionally, there are different ways to explore it. You can do it according to your own preferences: on foot, by boat or by underground train.