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The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow 2012
6 June 2012, Comments Off

The Jewish Culture Festival is organized annually in the district of Kazimierz since 1988. The festival takes place in l ...

Wianki Festival
5 June 2012, No Comments

The city of Krakow is the place where many festivals, events and parades are organized each year. Many of them take plac ...

The city full of music
5 June 2012, No Comments

Everyone who has visited Krakow at least once can admitt that Krakow can be considered as the city full of music. Visito ...

Polish vodka
5 June 2012, No Comments

The Eastern Europe, including Poland, is well-known for its drinking habits. People are believed to drink a lot of vodka ...

Polish cuisine
5 June 2012, No Comments

Enter a Polish home and you will see how warm and full of hospitality it can be. Of course, if you keep counting calorie ...