ARS cinema in Krakow

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Poland takes great pride in its cinematic traditions and heritage. The city of Krakow is considered to be Poland’s cultural capital, hence it attracts artists of  different disciplines adding to the cultural variety of the city. Krakow is a place where one can find a lot of cinemas of different types. The city has quite many gems and definitely the legendary ARS complex is one of them. ARS was oppened in 1995.  It is located in a historical building –  an old cinema called “Kino Sztuka” existed there and today it is a part of ARS – just off the Main Market Square on 6 St. Jana Street. Recently, ARS cinema was saved from closure and now 5 separate salons remain available for showing movies. As to the repertoire of the ARS cinema one can see there a wide array of ambitious independent films, commercial ones, those from Hollywood as well as from Europe, so everyone can find something suitable for themselves. In general the films are screened in the original language with the Polish subtitles. The cinema is well-known among locals and it is conidered to be a very important cultural institution in Krakow. The huge advantage that this seemingly small cinema has over modern cinemas is first of all, its location in the Old Town, also special atmosphere of this place as well as good movies – if you take all this into account you can be sure that going there will guarantee a very special and unforgettable experience. All movie enthusiasts  should not miss the opportunity to see a film there.