Panorama of Krakow

Written by  //  26 July 2012  //  Krakow Tourism  //  Comments Off

Panorama of the City of Krakow is wonderful. Charming old houses, the Vistula River crossing the town, Wawel Castle and many other places worth seeing. Want to see it all at once?
The best solution is the viewing platform. And even better is that which rises to a height of 150 meters. From this height you will see the whole panorama of Krakow and the balloon will take you there. Viewing platform is located on the Poleski boulevard near the Grunwald roundabout. In the air can rise everyone, including children and people with disabilities. Flights are dependent on weather conditions and are held all year round, 7 days a week, sometimes until 22:00 or later. The flight takes only 15 minutes, but this will be an unforgettable time. The balloon is unique, the only such in Poland. Ticket prices are relatively inexpensive. For families and students are expected discount.